UOIT Engineering Robotics Competition

Tips and tools

EV3 Software Download
For users of the new Lego Mindstorm EV3 kits, the EV3 software can be downloaded from [here].

Other downloads, including the NXT software and firmware can be found on this Lego page.

Note that the Educational Kits come with an Ultrasonic Sensor and a Gyroscopic Sensor, but the Home Edition of the software does not include the blocks for these. They can, however, be downloaded and installed by following these instructions

Also available there are are software tutorials and hardware construction tutorials.


  • This site contains both EV3 and NXT tutorial from basic to more advanced.
  • This one is very good for the basics of EV3 programming.
  • Faily comprehensive set NXT tutorials
  • Great on-line tutorial on Programming the EV3
  • Great on-line tutorial on Programming the NXT
  • Other Resources

    Other tips
    In the competition, one of the key functions that you will want your robots to be able detect the white lines and avoid falling off the table. These youtube tutorials will help to explain how to program EV3 to detect a black line and move back. This would be a great start for a new team. You can adapt them to the NXT software as well: [1], [2]

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